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Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is a fully co-operative standalone board game for 1 to 4 players that offers the ultimate tower-defense experience for the tabletop.


Players take on the roles of asymmetrical heroes defending their kingdom against waves of incoming monster hordes. Players play towers to attack hordes, using polyomino tiles to cover monsters until all monsters in a horde are covered, destroying it. Players will earn crystals and gold which can be spent on buying new towers or Tower Modifications to improve and customize their existing towers.


Monsters come with a range of special abilities that players will have to plan around, passing towers between each other, and positioning attacks to get around magic shields and monster powers. The heroes will also be confronted with game-changing events and elemental disruptions such as volcanoes and cyclones.


The game is scenario-based and can be played as individual replayable scenarios or as a steadily evolving campaign leading up to big boss fights, hero challenges, and more.

Kingdom Rush offers simple to learn rules with a high level of tactics for experienced gamers. Upon starting each scenario, players will be able to choose from a range of difficulty levels or even take on the dreaded Iron Challenges which require near-perfect strategies to overcome.


Deluxe edition containing the following extras:

- 1 custom tower tray

- 1 token tray

- 5 custom hero trays

- 5 hero reference cards

- 2 sand warrior minis

- 12 Knight minis


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately)

Gaheris x 25 (1 packs)

Trevor x 154 (3 packs)


Expansions (sold separately):

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising – More Than Shadows Expansion

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising – Dark Elf Slayer Expansion

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising – Gnomish Gnonsense Expansion

Alternatively get all content in one product:

Kingdom Rush: Elemenace Chest

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising (Deluxe Edition)

  • Year of Publication: 2023

    Designers: Alara Cameron, Helana Hope, Sen-Foong Lim

    Artists: Mateusz Komada, Katarzyna Kosobucka

    Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play Time: 45-90 min

    Ages: 14+

    Edition: Kickstarter promos included

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