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A Gnome Wizard, boom-bunnies, and a lumbering ragdoll of doom! What's not to love as you encounter four new scenarios of magic and trickery leading to the imposing colossal lizard boss Xyzzy!


Inside the expansion, you’ll find the new Hero Razz & Rags alongside the massive 80mm tall new Boss Xyzzy!


Across four scenarios you’ll encounter new mechanics including Gnome Trickster Tower Mods, new Miniboss the Gnoll Warleaders, and the gigantic hammers of Xyzzy!


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately)

Gaheris x 4 (1 packs)

Trevor x 33 (1 packs)

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising – Gnomish Gnonsense Expansion

  • Year of Publication: 2023

    Designers: Alara Cameron, Helana Hope, Sen-Foong Lim

    Artists: Mateusz Komada, Katarzyna Kosobucka

    Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play Time: 45-90 min

    Ages: 14+

    Edition: Retail

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