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Note: Robinson Crusoe base game required to play


Upgrade pack for The Collector's Edition of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island that was launched on Gamefound contains exclusive content (including ones impact game play) that will not be found in the retail version of the Collector's edition.


Equivalent of Castaway Veteran Pledge + Sailor & Gamer Pack + Monkey companion figure + Neoprene play mat


Gamefound version of the Collector's Edition upgrade pack includes:
- 18 stunning 35mm figures
- Open & Play Tutorial Campaign
- Access to Companion app


- The Book of Adventures add on and stretch goals

- Deluxe Cover (UV, Gold Foil, Soft Touch Foil and Hardcover)
- Deluxe paper (Munken Print Cream paper)
- 1 Folded Pocket
- 10 extra blank pages
- 'How did I Die' Stickers
- 20 unique challenges
- 1 Competitive Scenario (Yin Yang)
- 1 Horror Scenario (Lost Memories)
- 4 Fan Scenario's (On and On Westwards, Experiment on Dinosaur Island, Lord of the Flies and R'lyeh)
- 55 Invention Cards



Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – Sailor & Gamer Pack

2 new characters's to use with the basegame along with miniatures from Awaken Realms and triple -layered player boards.

The set contains:
4 Sailor figures (2 male and 2 female)
4 Gamer figures (2 male and 2 female)
1 triple-layered player board for Sailor (2-sided)
1 triple-layered player board for Gamer (2-sided)

Rules for the Gamer: One new survivor to take with you on your adventures in Robinson Crusoe: The Gamer. Like all characters in Robinson Crusoe, there is both a male and female side. This survivor is different from those in the base game. They have no invention, using only their wiles and tricks to help the party succeed.

The available actions are as follows:

Dummy Player: "I'm surprised how easy this is!'" Discard 3(D) to gain Brown/Grey Action pawn this turn.

AC Bonus: "Never count your money while you're sitting at the table." Spend 2(D) to ignore one wound when hunting.

Cheat: "I will do the right thing, once I've exhausted all alternatives." After resolving an Adventure card effect, spend 3(D) to NOT shuffle it into the Event deck, and discard it.

Go Fish: "I suggest a new alternative. Let the island win." Spend 3(D) to draw two Mystery cards. Resolve only the first Treasure from the drawn cards. Discard the rest.

Rules for the Sailor:
The sailor is a great swimmer. He can discard two determination tokens to ignore river tiles when calculating distance on the island.

The sailor has a treasure map. For three determination tokens, he can take a special gathering action once on an island tile with a totem icon. If successful, the Sailor draws a mystery card, resolving only a trap or a treasure. This ability may only be used once per tile, even if the tile has more than one totem icon.

The sailor has some tricks to conserve food. For 2 determination tokens, he can change one food into one non-perishable food.

The sailor is also tough. He can discard 1 determination token to re-roll an injury die (brown, grey or green).

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – Monkey Companion:

The Monkey is the first companion in the game that learns. She shows particular interest in tools and construction, quickly becoming the perfect assistant for the Build action.

At first, the Monkey lacks skills and spends more Wood than necessary to finish the job. But with every new completed task, she gains experience and efficiency, turning into not only a friend, but also a great little Building helper.

We liked the Monkey so much that we created a separate new Scenario for her and the remaining animal companions which you will find in The Book of Adventures.

This addon contains a plastic figure for the Monkey, so all the companions you add to the game look equally great. The card and a wooden pawn for the Monkey are already included in the Collector's Edition and the Upgrade Pack as a surprise bonus.

This new friend on the island is a companion, which brings additional help and can be used to make the game easier. You can modify the difficulty of the game by adding or removing different companions (Horse, Parrot, Cat, Monkey) and combine them in any set you prefer. Each companion makes the game slightly easier.

The Monkey figure will fit into the box of Robinson Crusoe: Collector's Edition / Upgrade Pack.


Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – Neoprene Play Mat:

eoprene play mat of the Robinson Crusoe game board. Dimensions: at least 113 x 53 cm (44 x 20), stitched edges for added durability.Dimensions: at least 113 x 53cm (44" x 20")Stitched edges for added durabilityAnti-slip backside for maximum gaming gripHigh quality fabric for perfect dice rolling effect and card protection during gameplay



This Gamefound edition will also include multiple exclusive Gamefound Stretch Goals including:

- Modular Camp Model (8 pieces)
- Horse companion miniature
- Parrot companion miniature
- Cat companion miniature
- 10 Supporting Item miniatures

- 30 new adventure cards
- 10 event cards
- 3 Weather Tiles
- Dramatic Morale Mini-expansion
- Cave Mini-expansion (Cave tile + 5 tokens)

- First player Marker & Round Tracker
- Dice Tower
- Triple-Layered Player Boards


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately)

Gawain x 55(1 packs)

Arthur x  53 (1 packs)

Robinson Crusoe: Collector's Edition Gamefound upgrade pack

  • Year of Publication: 2024

    Designers: Joanna Kijanka, Ignacy Trzewiczek

    Artists: Tomasz Bentkowski, Mateusz Bielski, Vincent Dutrait, Jerzy Ferdyn, Mateusz Kopacz, Mateusz Lenart, Maciej Mutwil, Zhao Run Quan, Rafał Szyma, Piotr Słaby, Ignacy Trzewiczek, Michał J. Zieliński

    Publisher: Portal Games

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play TIme: 60-120 min

    Ages: 14+

    Edition: Gamefound Edition

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