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A full add-on campaign centered on a group of survivors who build a new home in the far reaches of the galaxy.


- Over 700 cards
- 12 models
- 12+ cardboard Ship Book pages
- New galactic map with 30+ systems
- New Planetopedia with 18+ boards
- A new Log Book with 80+ pages of an exciting story


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately):

Arthur x 190 (4 packs)

Percival x 497 (10 packs)

Kai x 79 (2 packs)

Gaheris x 19 (1 pack)

ISS Vanguard: Deadly Frontier

  • Year of Publication: 2023

    Designers: Andrzej Betkiewicz, Krzysztof Piskorski, Paweł Samborski, Marcin Świerkot

    Artists: Piotr Gacek, Patryk Jędraszek, Ewa Labak, Dominik Mayer

    Publisher: Awaken Realms

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play TIme: 90-120 min

    Ages: 13+

    Edition: Kickstarter promos included

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