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Metal coins for gaming!


Wizard Coin Set: A proper wizard always has the right amount of gold on him. These coins have been developed to be used as currency in a vast variety of fantasy games, or even as tokens of power in any RPG or game system.


Each set consists of:
10 copper coins
8 silver coins  and
6 gold coins


Suitable for: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Alchemists, Mystic Vale, and in all games with at least one wizard creating chaos.


The material used in all coins is Zinc alloy, the dimensions of the set are the following:
Copper. Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 2mm
Silver.   Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 2mm
Gold .    Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 2mm


Designs were made by Michael Kontraros.

Wizard coin set - Legendary metal coins

  • Year of Publication: 2019

    Designers: Michael Kontraros

    Publisher: Drawlab Entertainment

    Ages: 10+

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