The Cavern of Gandum is a dwarven legend that has been passed down through the millenia. The legend tells of a Dwarf wizard, Gandum, who created a powerful relic called the Mana Stone. It was created with the power to infuse magical energy into ordinary rock.

The Dragon Lord Rizz, mad with greed, obsessed over the power of the Mana Stone. He lured Gandum into an ambush within Treasure Mountain. They fought for hours, but in the end, Rizz mortally wounded Gandum. To keep Rizz from controlling the power of the Mana Stone, Gandum cast himself and the Mana Stone into a subterranean abyss. Lord Rizz spent the rest of his life searching for the Mana Stone, but it was never found.

That is, until a group of dwarven miners uncovered vast caverns filled with glowing crystals, infused with magic from the Mana Stone. Deep in the heart of Treasure Mountain, the miners had discovered the Caverns of Gandum, proving the legend true and unleashing the magic of the Mana Stone.

The Cavern of Gandum introduces two exciting new elements to Treasure Mountain: spells and the automa deck. It is recommended you become familiar with the base game before playing with this expansion.

Spells allow you to bend the rules of the game while placing dwarves, collecting resources, and fighting dragons. Spells are fueled with purple mana gems that are mined from new mine tile types or gathered in new spaces on the expansion board.
The automa decks add solo and enhanced two player experiences using dummy players. Dummy player actions are controlled using the automa decks.


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Treasure Mountain: Caverns of Gandum Expansion

  • Year of Publication: 2019

    Designers: Daniel A. George

    Artists: Mac Hillier

    Publisher: August Games

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play TIme: 60-120 min

    Ages: 10+

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