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Metal coins for gaming

The Sci-Fi Set-Legendary Metal Coin Set is suited for games set in a future world, a cyberpunk universe or another dimension.


Each set consists of:

10 copper coins

8 silver coins

6 gold coins


Have the best currency for your games or the best and heaviest tokens!

Suitable for: Android:Netrunner, Among the Stars, Firefly, Twillight Imperium and many more.


The material used in all coins is Zinc alloy.

The Sci-Fi set is 3.1 mm thick, while the diameter is 3.2cm wide.


Designs were made by Michael Kontraros.

Sci-Fi coin set - Legendary metal coins

  • Year of Publication: 2019

    Designers: Michael Kontraros

    Publisher: Drawlab Entertainment

    Ages: 10+

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