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Build a den of thieves with matching pairs, but avoid Old Bill by outwitting and outwitting the other Masterminds! The player who gets the most matching pairs of thieves (two cards with the same picture) wins the game, but watch out for Old Bill! If you end up with him in your hand, he will remove one of your matches!


Players draw cards and either play or trade them to make matches. Old Bill will reduce some of your matches.


The game continues until a player takes the last card from the deck. This is now the last round, in which each player makes a final move.


Players now count the number of pairs they have managed to make in their area for the score. If a player ends up with any number of old bills in their hand, they must discard one of their scoring pairs. The player with the most pairs of thieves wins the game! If there is a tie, add up the ranks across your paired pairs, counting the pair's rank only once, not both Thieves within a pair. Whoever has the highest total score wins! If there is still a tie, the win is split.


You can also pull this box out for a classic game of Old Maid (with ole' Bill) or Memory with the whole family.


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Gawain x 58 (2 packs)

Old Bill

  • Year of Publication: 2021

    Designers: Mattox Shuler

    Artists: Josh Emrich

    Publisher: Keymaster Games

    No. Players: 3 - 4

    Play TIme: 10 - 15 min

    Ages: 10+

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