You've just inherited an old restaurant and you must turn it into a successful business! Hire personnel, order the right ingredients and be ready to serve the customers that enter your restaurant. The success will depend entirely on your efficiency in the kitchen! Kitchen Rush is an innovative real-time cooperative game that simulates the excitement of a high-pressure kitchen environment. It does so through worker placement, using hourglasses as your workers. These hourglasses are used to take orders from customers, prepare their dishes, serve them on time, buy groceries, clean plates and make sure enough money is made each round to cover wages, expenses, upgrades and hopefully, leave a profit. Any worker placed on an action space may not be used elsewhere before the sand within the hourglass runs out, making each decision important as time is limited. The game is for 1-4 players and plays for 4 rounds of 4 minutes. The fun, excitement and rush it brings to the table offers a full course for gamers and family members alike.


Includes Kick-Starter promo pack containing:

- 6 Additional event cards

- 10 Additional objective cards

- 3 Additional prestige bonus cards

- 10 Additional order cards "Greek cuisine"

- 10 Additional order cards "Hungarian cuisine"

- 20 Additional wooden tokens

- Additional food type added, 10 Fish tokens and 10 recipes

- Larger plate tiles

- Health inspector mini expansion

- Wine mini expansion

- 13 Chefs stand alone micro-game 


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately)

Tristan x 159 (3 Packs)


Expansions (sold separately)

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake Expansion (Kickstarter Edition)

Kitchen Rush (Kickstarter Edition)

$109.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
  • Year of Publication: 2017

    Designers: Vangelis Bagiartakis, Dávid Turczi

    Artists: Gong Studios

    Publisher: Artipia Games

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play TIme: 30-45 min

    Ages: 12+

    Edition: Kickstarter promos included

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