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In this promo dream, players will have the opportunity to explore the city of Kittenburg, the cat metropolis of Etherfields. The town is tormented by internal dilemmas that players will try to resolve. The dream is divided into 2 parts, the first more detective, in which players will get to know the inhabitants of Kittenburg. The second part, more tactical, consists of solving the city's main problems.


Can be used with the Flying Cat from the KS campaign.


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Etherfields: Kittenburg Expansion

$69.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • Year of Publication: 2022

    Designers: Michał Oracz

    Artists: Piotr Gacek

    Publisher: Awaken Realms

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play TIme: 90-180 min

    Ages: 14+

    Edition: Retail

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