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Carnegie was inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie who was born in Scotland in 1835. Andrew Carnegie and his parents emigrated to the United States in 1848. Although he started his career as a telegraphist, his role as one of the major players in the rise of the United States’ steel industry made him one of the richest men in the world and an icon of the American dream.


Andrew Carnegie was also a benefactor and philanthropist; upon his death in 1919, more than $350 million of his wealth was bequeathed to various foundations, with another $30 million going to various charities. His endowments created nearly 2,500 free public libraries that bear his name: the Carnegie Libraries.


During the game you will recruit and manage employees, expand your business, invest in real estate, produce and sell goods, and create transport chains across the United States; you may even work with important personalities of the era. Perhaps you will even become an illustrious benefactor who contributes to the greatness of his country through deeds and generosity!


The game takes place over 20 rounds; players will each have one turn per round. On each turn, the active player will choose one of four actions, which the other players may follow.


The goal of the game is to build the most prestigious company, as symbolized by victory points.


Kickstarter exclusive edition including the following extras:
- Deluxe box, with UV spot finish, relief print for wax seal and 3mm thicker cardboard

- Large format (648x502) extra thick game board

- 4 Screen printed wooden action tokens

- 16 additional Department tiles

- Department tiles side board

- Triple layeredplayer boards with double sided tabs

- Donations mini expansion

- Metal first player token

- Metal timeline marker

- 116 screen printed wooden player discs

- 4 screen printed wooden VP markers

- 4 Player aids

- A new beginning mini expansion

- Solo mode with card sleeves

- Oversized extra thick money tokens

- Game Trayz insert

Carnegie (Deluxe Kickstarter Edition)

  • Year of Publication: 2022

    Designers: Xavier Georges

    Artists: Ian O'Toole

    Publisher: Quined Games

    No. Players: 1-4

    Play Time: 90-120 min

    Ages: 12+

    Edition: KS promos included

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