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Come one, come all to Big Top! Hire the wildest and most wonderful acts to attract crowds of delighted spectators.


In this fast-paced auction game you’ll bid on show-stopping acts to draw crowds to your circus, but beware - each winning bid will make your competition that much richer.


But that’s not all! Even the attractions you’ve already won will affect bids in future auctions. Each attraction card lists a number - bid that amount in any auction to place a coin on that card and gain the points! That means you don't need to win an auction - or even WANT to win it - to benefit from bidding!


In this competitive world of circuses, you’ll have to keep a close eye not just on your winnings, but on all of your opponents' bids.


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately)

Chronos x 35 (1 pack)

Big Top

  • Year of Publication: 2023

    Designers: Taiki Shinzawa

    Artists: Mihajlo Dimitrievski

    Publisher: Allplay

    No. Players: 3-4

    Play Time: 40 min

    Ages: 11+

    Edition: Retail

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