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In Arkham Asylum, violent and criminally insane villains are locked away from Gotham's citizens in specially constructed cells. But often, these villains break free and it becomes Batman's job to bring them back to the asylum before their darkest whims are realized.

And, as is often the case, the Joker seems to be missing. Chances are he can be found in Jokerland, an abandoned fun fair the Clown Prince of Crime converted into his own playground. Here, attractions are functional, but from a mad man's point of view, and they aren’t really fun in any conventional sense.

This expansion includes two game boards: Arkham Asylum and Jokerland, coming with three scenarios each. Jokerland will include various attractions, shaped as double-sided overlays, which provide a lot of replayability, as the combination of attractions change with each scenario. These attractions offer unique atmospheres and terrain types that change the way you navigate the map. Of course, you can’t imagine an expansion like this without thinking about the villains. This box is absolutely brimming with bad guys and you won’t find a single hero among them. Within you will find a horrific faceless version of the Joker, as well as the Mad Hatter and his inseparable sidekicks, the Tweedle brothers.


Recommended Card Sleeves (sold separately)

Galahad x 70 (2 packs)

Batman: Arkham Asylum Expansion

$99.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • Year of Publication: 2019

    Designers: Frédéric Henry

    Artists: Georges Clarenko, David Demaret, David Finch, Jim Lee

    Publisher: Monolith

    No. Players: 2-4

    Play TIme: 60 - 90 min

    Ages: 14+

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