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6: Siege - The Board Game is an asymmetrical tabletop game with miniatures for 2 to 4 players, based on Ubisoft’s acclaimed tactical shooter video game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.


Year 4 - Dark Horizons adds 8 operators to the base game. All of them being from the fourth year, or the fourth season, of the video game. They expand upon existing mechanisms and provide different options. And with the expanded roster, you’ll have more creative freedom while drafting your squad. Some Operators really benefit from synergies, while others are particularly suited for a specific environment


Attackers will have the Aussie Gridlock, an Operator who is very sturdy, and able to fortify an area she has control over. Danish Nøkk can explore the area for her team without ever being caught. Amaru can be the element of surprise as she can get downstairs with her Garra hook, but does not forget the point of the game is shooting well. Kali’s explosive spears are excellent when you want to destroy barricades from an entire room.


For defenders, Mozzie will be a nightmare for opponents who rely on their tech a little too much as his parasites will be able to capture opposing drones. Warden can snipe at long range quite easily, and is hard to take by surprise as he is immune to being Stunned or Located. Wamai can forbid thrown gadgets to be used with his Mag-net system. Goyo deploys Volcán Shields. When destroyed, those explode into a fire, halting the opponent’s progression, and potentially dealing some damage.

6: Siege – Year 4: Dark Horizon

  • Year of Publication: 2024

    Designers: Carlos G.Q.

    Artists: Stéphane Gantiez, Henning Ludvigsen, Olivier Thill

    Publisher: Mythic Games

    No. Players: 2-4

    Play TIme: 60 min

    Ages: 14+

    Edition: Kickstarter promos included

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